Busy Accounting software Training & Implementation

Though BUSY Software is a very user-friendly product, you might still require a BUSY expert to train your staff or to implement BUSY as per the needs of your organisation in order to enable you to make use of BUSY most effectively. The implementation includes understanding the needs of your organisation and configuring BUSY accordingly. It gives individuals an in-depth knowledge of financial accounting and business accounting on which BUSY Software is based.

As the user base of BUSY is growing, the need for BUSY-trained accountants is also growing proportionately. To address the same, Busy Infotech has now started setting up BUSY Training Centres. These training centres are called BUSY Academy. Students passing out from these institutes are called BUSY Certified Accountants (BCA).

The admission to BCA Course is done on the basis of an eligibility test that is conducted by the respective academy. The test consists of objective type questions on accounting and computers. The successful candidates are entitled to join the academy. The unsuccessful candidates can go through a one-month pre-BUSY course at the academy to prepare themselves for admission to BCA Course at the BUSY academy.

After the conclusion of course, a written test is conducted by the respective academy with the guidelines of Busy Infotech. The successful candidates are issued BCA Certificate by Busy Infotech. Performance grade of the student is mentioned on the certificate. The unsuccessful students can appear for examination again in the next cycle of tests.

The database of successful students is maintained by Busy Infotech and is also proposed to be posted at the company website in near future. Busy Infotech will also help in the placement of such students with BUSY Users and Channel Partners.